Start Somewhere (close to home or on top of a mountain) by immersing yourself in all that Colorado has to offer, educating your peers,and discovering the joy of accomplishing your goals. Join Colorado FCCLA for the 2016 – 2017 Colorado road trip!

Start Somewhere LogoAre We There Yet?

Goal:To prepare members and Colorado FCCLA for the road ahead.

  1. To map out trending Colorado industries and their relevance to Family and Consumer Sciences.
  2. To fuel members with the skills they need to be financially fit.
  3. To hit the pavement and Go For The Red through recruiting, retaining, and recognizing members at all levels.

Where? Here!

Goal:To empower members to signal their concerns in themselves and their community.

  1. To inspire members to cutoff the negative noise and change lanes by adopting a positive personal mentality.
  2. To become an advocate by accelerating the knowledge of members and community leaders.
  3. To get your community up-to-speed by finding and addressing their needs.

You Are Here!

Goal:To rally members to take the wheel and embrace the here and now.

  1. To encourage members to rev up awareness for traffic safety in their community through the FACTS National Program.
  2. To put the brakes on brutality by recognizing, reporting, and reducing youth violence through STOP the Violence National Program.
  3. To challenge members to plan the trip ahead yet enjoy every mile traveled.