2017-2018 State Program of Work

Immerse yourself in the wonders that come from multi-cultural tales as your chapter imagines and dreams of one world with many stories.

Imagine A Tale

Goal: To weave a tale that appreciates family history and culture by completing the Families First National Program

  1. To inspire members to develop an outline for their future endeavors by embracing other’s stories
  2. To encourage members to include their families in overcoming obstacles
  3. To strengthen the family unit by celebrating cultural diversity

Live A Tale

Goal: To narrate the story for the community to live a better life by completing the Student Body National Program

  1. To take a break, relax, and enjoy the your story
  2. To stop the use of tobacco and marijuana products and close the rabbit hole
  3. To make stress disappear with literature

Further A Tale

Goal: To go beyond the cover and discover the characteristics of a leader

  1. To encourage members to work together to finish the story
  2. To continue the leadership story by bettering the community through the Community Service National Program
  3. To challenge Colorado FCCLA chapters to Go For the Red by increasing membership by one member to experience the everlasting fairy tale
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