2020-21 Program of Work

2020-2021 Program of Work


Goal: Shine a light on all FCCLA members and Competitive Events

  • Power of One
    • To share the spotlight with empowered members as they gain personal growth and leadership development through the National Program Power of One
  • Diversity and Individuality
    • To illuminate the importance of diversity and individuality through celebrating our member’s uniqueness and encouraging them to be themselves
  • STAR Events and Competitive events
    • To showcase all of the shining STARs in FCCLA in hopes of encouraging members to explore the endless opportunities that different and unique Competitive Events hold.


Goal: Capture the significance of Colorado FCCLA’s history, families, and social media.

  • Recognizing Colorado’s History
    • To roll the reel on Colorado FCCLA to celebrate and reflect upon our past 75 years as a state association and envision our future moving forward.
  • Families First
    • To focus the picture on the importance of a family and note the value of one within FCCLA through the National Program Families First.
  • Social Media
    • To project positivity to establish a strong positive connection with our audience through social media and virtual platforms.


Goal: “Walk the Red” through service, inspiration, and advocacy.

  • Community Service
    • To set the stage by completing safe and productive in-person, virtual, remote or digital service opportunities through the National Program Community Service.
  • Being the inspiration
    • To strut the runway and inspire others in order to make positive changes by embodying the FCCLA purposes.
  • Advocacy
    • To debut the national program StandUp by encouraging advocacy for Alumni and Associates and local, state, and national FCCLA
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