fccla_AAAlumni and Associates are an important part of FCCLA. Alumni members who volunteer their time and energy or those supporting us as Associates, all help to make Colorado FCCLA’s accomplishments possible. We owe it to them to keep them involved.

We encourage active members and advisers to keep alumni and associates in their communities involved in FCCLA. Send them a schedule of your upcoming FCCLA events and invitations to your member recognition program or get them involved in fundraising activities.

We surely want to keep you involved in an organization as outstanding as Colorado FCCLA!

Membership is $25 per year or $45 for two years. Here is the information brochure to become an Alumni and Associates member.

If you are reading this and you’re an alumni or associate (or you know an alumni or associate) and you would like be included in our Colorado Alumni & Associates database so that we can stay in touch, please contact a state adviser.