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The FCCLA Career Connection program guides youth to link their options and skills for success in families, careers, and communities. Through individual, cooperative, and competitive activities, members – discover their strengths, target career goals, and initiate a plan for achieving the lifestyle they desire.

Career Connection guides students to develop, plan, carry out, and evaluate projects. The projects improve the quality of life in six (6) units. Students focus activities on different aspects of career development. Students can choose a unit, then plan and carry out related projects that strengthen their awareness of skills needed for careers.

  • PLUG IN to Careers – Understand work and the Career Connection Program
  • SIGN ON to the Career Connection – Link personal interests, skills, and goals to career clusters
  • PROGRAM Career Steps – Prepare with education, leadership, and work experience
  • LINK UP to Jobs – Learn to find and land a job
  • ACCESS SKILLS for Career Success- Practice being productive on the job and promotable
  • INTEGRATE Work and Life – Manage interconnected roles in families, careers, and communities.


Colorado FCCLA offers two types of state recognition to chapters that complete Career Connection projects.

  1. State Project Awards: Chapters apply to showcase their hard work and innovative projects with the Colorado Program Award Application. The 1st place chapter honor may include cash awards and special recognition at the State Leadership Conference, online, and in Colorado Comments newsletter.
  2. State General Recognition: Individuals and chapters that complete a National Program project may complete the State Recognition for National Program Participation Form and receive a certificate of participation and special pre-show recognition at the State Leadership Conference.