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These useful guides contain valuable information and forms, such as Opening and Closing Ceremonies, State FCCLA Bylaws, State Event Guidelines, Medical Forms and more. Be sure to print the updated sections (indicated with a date) and add to your Chapter Handbook.

The Colorado FCCLA Handbook is always in the process of being updated: Please note that the handbook links below change as updates are made.

Chapter Handbook: Cover Page, Contact Information & Introduction Letter
Section 1: Affiliation Guidelines
Section 2: District Consultants Directory
Section 3: State Officer Team Directory
Section 4: Colorado Comments
Section 5: Program Of Work
Section 6: Ceremonies
Section 7: Planning Process
Section 8:State Officer Selection Procedure 

State Officer Candidate Application

      State Officer Candidate Study Guide

Interview Panel Candidate Application

Section 9: Colorado FCCLA Bylaws
Section 10: State Recognition
Section 11: Policies and Procedures
Section 12: Code of Conduct/ Dress Code
Section 13: Officer Team Adviser
Section 14: National Programs
Section 15: STAR Events
Section 16: Colorado Event Guidelines
Section 17: Membership Forms
Adult Multiple Release
Student Multiple Release
Leadership Planning Sheet
Student Evaluator Application
Section 18: Officer Leadership Cover Tab
Section 19. Fundraising Cover Tab
Section 20.  Scholarships Cover Tab
Section 21. Chapter Information Cover Tab
Section 22. District Information Cover Tab
Section 23. Cluster Meetings Cover Tab
Section 24. State Leadership Conference Cover Tab
Section 25. National Leadership Conference Cover Tab

To improve cost effectiveness and communication efficiency, Colorado FCCLA will rely heavily on the FCCLA website and emails to transmit information. To ensure timely communications, email Jordan Sveen,, to be added to the FCCLA database.

Colorado Competitive Events Guide

  • Colorado Competitive Events Guide