The essential function of the Colorado FCCLA Board of Directors shall be program development, program implementation and public relations. The Colorado FCCLA Board of Directors shall have the following responsibilities:

  1. Determine the aims and objectives of the State FCCLA program.
  2. Recommend the establishment of programs, projects, and activities.
  3. Conduct the official business of the organization at the State Leadership Conference.
  4. Interpret and advocate the goals and program activities of FCCLA to groups and individuals within and outside the organization.
  5. Review and approve the policies of the State Association.
Chair Vice Chair Secretary Treasurer
Michelle Dennis Ty Hvambsal Bailee Gardunio Aryann Roberts

Ty Hvambsal
Fort Collins High School
CATFACS Adviser Representative
Term Expires 2020

Cindy Gleason
Windsor High School
Local Adviser Representative
Term Expires 2019

Bailee Gardunio
Johnson & Wales University
Term Expires 2020

Aryann Roberts
Douglas County School District
Administrator Representative
Term Expires 2019

Darius Jones
The Center for Relationship Education
Business and Industry Representative
Term Expires 2021

Carissa Kirschbaum
2017-2018 State President

Ariel Bowden
2017-2018 Vice President of Events

Georgia Bosse
2017-2018 Vice President of Finance

Robert Van Dyke
Colorado FCCLA State Adviser

Michelle Dennis
Family and Consumer Sciences Program Director

Dr. Dawn Mallette
Family and Consumer Sciences Teacher Educator
Colorado State University

Colorado FCCLA Strategic Plan

Colorado Board Policies

Colorado Board Minutes