Colorado FCCLA Membership 2020-06-30T10:34:52-06:00

Are  you a middle or high school student who has, is currently, or interested in taking a course in Family and Consumer Sciences? Then you are eligible to be an FCCLA Member. FCCLA enables you to transform learning into action and create meaningful and engaging experiences that transform you into the ultimate leader! As an FCCLA member, you will:

  • develop career skills and learn to balance career and family responsibilities

  • strengthen home and family life

  • prepare for community living as responsible citizens

  • experience the connection between career and technical and academic skills

  • improve your self-esteem

  • practice and apply creative and critical thinking

  • understand yourself and your relationships with others

  • develop a personal leadership style

  • identify concerns, make decisions, and carry out activities

  • experience the satisfaction of helping others

  • observe Family and Consumer Sciences-related careers

  • gain recognition for your accomplishments

  • build supportive relationships with teachers in a less formal atmosphere

  • achieve established performance standards and competencies

Join today to make a difference in your own life, family, school, and community. Welcome to FCCLA, the Ultimate Leadership Experience!

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