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Defying Your Gravity

Goal: To advocate for the alienated members by creating a flare for leadership and to adventure into the realm of STAR Events.

  1. To escape the gravity of stereotypes by enhancing membership.
  2. To inspire leadership by breaking your boundaries and engaging warp speed toward recognition.
  3. To gaze upon the stars as members discover the unknown STAR Events.

Connecting Your Constellations

Goal: To remember that you are one planet part of an entire solar system by connecting with the community and seeing the positive impact you can make.

  1. To become aware of your carbon footprint on the Earth’s atmosphere.
  2. To engage in the Community Service National Program and create a positive impact on all terrestrial life.
  3. To improve leadership development by orbiting community professionals and observing their skills.

Creating Your Odyssey

Goal: To prepare and educate students for future careers by implementing the Career Connection National Program, integrating STEM into the FCS classroom, and networking with career professionals.

  1. To help students explore new horizons by utilizing the Career Connection National Program in order to develop real world skills through FCS Education.
  2. To fuel the infinite possibilities of STEM careers in the FCS Career Clusters.
  3. To network your stars by providing opportunities through connecting with Alumni & Associates and career professionals.