Program of Work 2019-08-16T14:02:47-06:00

2019-2020 Program of Work


Turn Back the Dial

Goal: To rewind the wheel of time for a better understanding of the future by extracting knowledge from the past.

  1. To better understand the history of the organization by chiming into the FCCLA Purposes.
  2. To highlight the growth and development of FCCLA and recognize our accomplishments.
  3. To share the knowledge, expand networks and connect with Alumni & Associates.

Stop the Clock

Goal: To pause in the present by inspiring student leaders to join FCCLA and explore membership opportunities.

  1. To set the tempo for members by recognizing and appreciating diversity.
  2. To promote synchronization between fellow members through social media platforms.
  3. To foster passion that lasts decades through peer education and the Leaders Institute.

Ticking Forward

Goal: To fast forward in time to envision how National Programs will prepare members for functional families, as financial consumers, and empowered individuals.

  1. To change the reality of those who seek to strengthen family and peer relationships using the Families First National Program.
  2. To create a secure financial destiny by using the Financial Fitness National Program.
  3. To visit and empowered future self who exceeds ordinary leadership qualities by using the Power of One National Program.