Milk Processors Tell Dairy Skeptics to ‘Get Real’

Facing higher levels of skepticism against its key product in recent years, the dairy industry, represented by the Milk Processor Education Program (MilkPEP), is looking for ways to educate consumers about milk – and defend the dairy industry’s good name at a time when milk alternatives are starting to flood the shelves.

During last week’s International Dairy Foods Association’s Dairy Forum 2015, MilkPEP CEO Julia Kadison said it was time to take a more aggressive approach against the misinformation floating around about the dairy industry.

“For some reason, milk has been under attack,” says MilkPEP’s new site, “Some critics are saying don’t drink milk – it’s unneeded, unnatural, and bad for you. That couldn’t be further from the truth.” is part of a new “Get Real” social media campaign that comes less than a year after MilkPEP retired its usage of “Got Milk?” in favor of a new campaign, “Milk Life.” That campaign remains active, as does “Got Milk?”, which still is running at the regional level through the California Milk Processor Board.

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