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National Programs give members the ultimate leadership experience through peer education projects and activities by:

  • Enriching learning and improve self-esteem
  • Involving all FACS students, thereby serving youth with a wide range of abilities and background
  • Increasing opportunities for applied learning to make connections between classroom and everyday living
  • Teaching members how to think critically, effectively problem solve, and encourage civic engagement
  • Providing opportunities for career exploration and future planning


Career Connection LogoLearn how to explore career pathways and skills for success in families, careers, and communities.

Discover how you can strengthen family relationships through FCCLA’s national peer education program, Families First.

Develop, plan, carry out, and evaluate projects to improve the quality of life in your communities

Develop your voice to make a positive impact.

FACTS LogoPut the brakes on impaired driving and traffic crashes. Through peer education help your friends arrive alive and lower the number one cause of death for youth in America.

Manage your money! Use this program to help you make, save, and spend your money wisely to be financially fit.

Give yourself the power to make a positive change in your families, careers, and communities, one goal at a time.

The Healthy You, The Fit You, The Real You, and The Resilient You.